Boulder beignets, pie fights and pathos, dancing in Denver

cheddar jalapeno grits, fresh beignets, and housemade strawberry rhubarb jam

We left Fort Collins and, after a successful thrift store pit stop, landed back in Boulder to meet Jamie and two friends at Lucile's for a decadent Southern breakfast of cheddar jalapeno grits and hot beignets drenched in powdered sugar a la New Orleans... and spicy house chai!  (Everywhere in Boulder seems to have house chai, if not yerba mate... if not both)

Everything else on Lucile' s menu looked fantastic-- if we'd had more time I would've gotten something more complex.  I must come back in the future!

Jamie, Carson, and I started toward Denver, just a 45 minute drive south.  I'm still amazed at how close together everything seems.  I guess that tends to happen when you leave Texas...

approaching Denver

We recongregated at Willi's house and the boys split off to go watch the Denver Broncos game, while Jamie and I went off to explore the Museum of Contemporary Art.  

Pie-fights and Pathos was one of the exhibitions... This group of paintings by Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie recalled scenes from comedic cinema but the underlying themes dealt primarily with Hitler and Nazi Germany.  He used the idea of a "pie in the face" to create visual abstraction and oftentimes to shame his subject.  I really enjoyed this body of work and hope he continues to explore this pie fight concept...(all of the pieces in this show were just created in the past couple years).

"Existing to be Touched" (part of the permanent collection I believe)

The second exhibition, called Postscript, explored language in its many forms: written, visual, sound, movement...translations of translations of translations of translations of.....

Say what?? These horns must be speakin' Esperanto

stained glassy

sandwich sculpture


words from an old tapestry, visually reinterpreted

some high brow-literature

We left the museum to meet up with Willi and Carson and we eventually found ourselves in South Broadway, a part of Denver we hadn't yet explored.  Many free games of pool were played at Hi-Dive before going next door to Sputnik for late night snacks (most notably mac-n-cheese crumbled with Cheez-its!), drinks (Great Divide's Colette Farmhouse Ale for me), and dancing...

free pool: the best kind

Austin should have these!  Someone, steal this idea.

Well, you could say we singlehandedly brought the dance party...

showing Denver how it's done