green eggs and garlic

Thank GOD this 21 Day Sugar Detox allows eggs. Because that's exactly what I woke up wanting on Sunday morning.  Of course, a runny yolk is not the same without a crusty piece of bread to soak it up..... but we'll make do.  This is, after all, temporary.  :)

I'd recently seen this post on a blog based in Brooklyn.  And I knew I had some kale in the fridge.  Right there, while laying in bed, I visualized what you see above: sauteed kale providing the vibrant green bed for a runny, yellow yolk.  And this dish was sooo easy and delicious, I hardly missed bread!  (Well, maybe just a little...) 

Sauteed Kale with Soft-Boiled Egg, Garlic Chips, Smoked Salt, & Cracked Pepper


kale (6-7 leaves or however much you'd like!)
eggs (1-2, your choice!)
2-3 cloves garlic (but, really, who am I to tell you how much garlic to use??)
smoked salt (I had mesquite smoked salt)
fresh cracked pepper
wee bit of EVOO for sauteeing


Begin boiling a small pot of water.  Slice garlic cloves and saute in EVOO until golden-brown.  Set those aside, then rinse your kale leaves  (leaving the water on the leaves) and saute in the same skillet.  Once water is boiling, add your egg(s) and boil for 5-6 minutes.  Remove eggs from water and place immediately into an ice water bath to stop them from cooking.  Tap gently with a knife and carefully peel.  Plate your kale and garlic chips, then slice open your egg and let the yolk spill out like liquid gold.  Season with smoked salt and cracked pepper.  Enjoy!

some good ol' fashioned dog park butt sniffin'

Starting the day with such a quick meal left lots of time for the laundry list of things I still had to do... and consuming something on the more nutritious end of the spectrum gave me the energy to get it done.  (Some of the best brunches of my life have been followed by the laziest of carb-induced days.)  

First thing was first: the doodle badly needed a bath.  And what better way to prepare for cleanliness to get nice and dirty first?  It was such a beautiful day in Austin, I knew he would love a visit to the dog park.  

happy dog in tow, we headed back home for a scrubdown in the sun.