kelp pho top chef

Tonight was another Top Chef collaborative meal success!  (You might remember our bibimbap bar about a month ago)  This time, gluten-free pho was on the menu.  Why?  Because I just discovered kelp noodles!  (And because I never don't feel like eating pho...really).  

Have you tried making a quick and easy collaborative meal with friends?  If you have a group of friends you watch a TV show with, or a book club you meet with, or something of the sort, you should try making something together next time.  It's quicker and cheaper than a potluck without the odd assortment of offerings and leftovers.  Pizza is always a great way to do this (one person makes crust and everyone else brings toppings).  Bibimbap was also super easy and delicious.  And pho was also a success!

a little go a long way!

Scoff all you want at the kelp noodle situation, but once they were submerged in hot soup, they really did take on an incredibly noodly texture!!   Amazing.  However, I must warn:  those noodles are really packed into these pouches!  Two pouches were way more than enough.  I now have a ziploc bag full of water and kelp noodles in my fridge.  Suggestions appreciated! :)  (I'm thinking some sort of seaweed salad?)

delicious spiced beef broth, rare steak, enoki mushrooms, radishes, sprouts, kelp noodles, cilantro, mint, basil, sesame seeds

It was a surprisingly slow and not very exciting episode of Top Chef.  Sushi for the Quickfire, followed by fried chicken for the main competition.  Not fried chicken and a whole bunch of sides....or fried chicken for an entire fried chicken festival... just fried chicken for a more-inebriated-than-usual tableful of chefs (my theory can only be proved right by the fact that they didn't announce the winners until the next day?? Did anyone else notice this?)  Granted, David Chang was on the show this time and I'd definitely be sweatin' if I had to make fried chicken for him...

But all that matters is this: Josie is, once and for all, off the show.  Knives packed and gone.  And then whupped in Last Chance Kitchen by Kristin, as it should be.  #DoNOTSaveChefJosie