poppin gruyere black pepper collars

veg-heavy bread pudding

I'm back in Texas and ready for a cleanse!........(after one "last blast"!)  I still hadn't made it over to Bake Sale, Jodi Elliot's pop-up bakery inside Foreign and Domestic.  My friends Meredith and Scott are huge fans, so I met them there this morning, where a line was already wrapped around the building at 10:15am!  (and the doors only open at 10:00am!) 

Bake Sale is notorious for selling out, so all we could do is cross our fingers we made it inside the doors to enjoy some of the treats we could already smell wafting out each time someone exited.  Today's menu: pulled pork biscuits, sausage/egg/cheddar danishes, gruyere black pepper popovers, pineapple brown butter blondies, strawberry cream cheese croissants...and so much more...

lots of empty cake stands and baskets at the Bake Sale!

Well, we did make the cut-- but just barely.  We were the last three guaranteed to get anything... and only veggie bread pudding remained!  But we gladly scooped up that bread pudding, happy to get anything at all.  And, let me tell you, it was delicious-- and chockful of veggies: brussel sprouts, onions, carrots, squash, broccoli-!

popovers a hot commodity in these parts

And then, because Scott is a baller (and frequent F&D diner), he was able to work some magic and finagle a piping hot gruyere black pepper popover, which we ripped apart and blissfully shared!

Perhaps not the best thing to eat right before going on a gluten-free detox...

I will definitely be counting down the days until I can go to another Bake Sale...and I'll arrive much earlier next time.  :)

In other news, I attended the monthly Grown Folks Roll party at MYEC, which is always a great time.  The third Saturday of each month is $5, adults only and BYOB, with a DJ playing just the sort of old school hip hop and funk you want to hear while you're flying around a laser-infused rink (or, in my case, attempting not to bust ass). 

Every time I've gone, I leave proclaiming that I want to return every single month-- but after tonight, I am determined to that happen!!  Not only is it great exercise, but I really want to be good!  I think I was particularly inspired this time by the groups of girls downing electric blue-vanilla vodka concoctions--- and then gliding effortlessly in circles whilst dancing!!  Backwards even!  No falling!  Meanwhile, I (stone-cold sober because I'm laying off the booze for a while), made my way gingerly around the rink, slowly becoming more accustomed to feeling of spinning wheels attached to my feet.

Maybe someday you'll see me out there, taking Jello shots and doing the Stanky Leg.  On skates.  *sigh*  It's so good to have goals.