raising the chilaquiles bar

Shanaynay and Josh invited us over for dinner the night before we flew out of Austin for a trip to Colorado.  Still not fully packed and with a 6:00am flight (typical), we headed on over to experience some authentic chilaquiles!  The chilaquiles I've had in Austin have ranged from near-migas (scrambled eggs/chips/cheese)... to a pile of sad, soggy chips.  Shannon's done a ton of traveling through Mexico and Central America, and she agreed that she's never had great chilaquiles here.  Traditionally, they're served for breakfast or brunch as a way of using up leftover tortillas or salsa.  Sounds simple, but apparently it's easy to make bad ones.  The secret seems to be in a complex red sauce... and using crunchy homemade chips is a must!

Naynay's Chilaquiles
(this is how she described it to me-- no portions, just ingredients- lo siento!)

package of good quality corn tortillas
dried cascabel and ancho peppers, rehydrated
serrano peppers
olive oil
chicken broth (could easily be subbed for veg broth)
cotjia, avocado, red onion for topping
crema (optional)

Cut tortillas into triangles and fry to make chips.  Blacken tomatoes in the oven, then puree with peppers, onion, and garlic.  Add chicken broth to the sauce and reduce.  Add the fresh chips and cook just a few minutes.  Top with cotija crumbles, avocado slices, and thinly sliced red onion.  You might drizzle a little crema on there too.  After plating, top each with 1-2 fried eggs.

Though Shannon had some pretty fancy ice in her freezer, regular cubes will also suffice for the micheladas you should be serving with this dish.  Buen provecho!