top chef heats up

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I'm still reeling from the last episode of Top Chef. Spoiler alert!!  (Though I don't know how anyone even slightly connected to media could have avoided hearing about this already)....

Commence rant.  

How on EARTH is Josie still on the show?  She's an obnoxious loudmouth who has managed to tick off everyone on the show (including the judges at times-- certainly Tom Colicchio!), but more importantly: her cooking skills are severely lacking compared to the other contestants!  

And then there's graceful, talented Kristen-- too prideful/honorable to throw Josie under the bus where she belongs, and look where that got her!  If everyone would have just listened to Gail Simmons, things would be okay right now.  But somehow Padma's two cents took presidence, and Kristen got the boot.

I couldn't help but wonder if this was some way for the producers to "spice things up"--??  But really, it seems to have angered viewers more than anything.  I've heard more than a couple people claim they don't even want to watch anymore.  I wonder if Top Chef really is as genuine as I thought it was or if they actually have the whole thing mapped out.  Or maybe, with Last Chance Kitchen bringing a contestant back, and now this "Save a Chef" Twitter-vote thing, maybe they just knew Kristen would end up back in the running?

Here's my forecast: Brooke makes it to the top.  Kristen continues to kick everyone's butt in Last Chance Kitchen.  Big Ceej wins People's Choice/Save-a-Chef and comes back.  (At least those are the three I think deserve to be at the top!)

I sure hope the next episode sends Josie to LCK for a head-to-head battle with Kristen (who will surely show her who's boss).  Though watching Josie retweet all the insults slung her way is pretty entertaining...