30 for my 30th

photo courtesy of www.makebetterfood.com

In two days, I will turn 30. I thought I was okay with this-- and I still kind of am...I think-- but I'm just a little perplexed as to how this happened. When people tell you time starts flying after college, it is not to be taken lightly! I seriously feel like I just graduated college a few years ago! And then I stop and count-- yeah, no, that'll be 9 years ago this May. 

(Sometimes you're just coasting along through life and all of a sudden a whole new decade comes and slaps you in the face.)

But this is good. Not only have I been reflecting on what I've accomplished thus far, but I've been realizing how much more I want to do...and this whole turning-30-thing has really started to put the wheels in motion for me. Clearly, time is of the essence. I need to look at that goal list (some of which have appeared on several consecutive New Years resolution lists) and make them happen.  This is the year.

As for the immediate future, however, I've decided to steal an idea from my friend Monica, a funster who puts my organizational skills to shame (and I do have some skillz). She decided to do 30 of her favorite things for her 30th (all through the month). Anyone who knows me knows I like to celebrate my b-day for as long as I can milk it. I think my 30th warrants a month-long festivus, don't you??

These Are A Few Thirty of My Favorite Things
(and I'll be doing them through the month of February, if you care to join!)

1. Getting into the Great Outdoors- so far no camping trips planned, but I will be caving tomorrow and will be breaking in my new hiking boots throughout the month whenever I can.

2. Dressing Up and Going All Out- Tomorrow night I'll be attending Carnaval, a huge, near-naked dance party modeled after the (much better and more fun) actual festival in Brazil.

3. Brunch- I'll begin my birthday on Sunday with brunch at Fonda San Miguel

4. Getting a Pedicure- from the best guys in town!  I'll be at Great Nails and Spa on Sunday afternoon, of course.

5. Chillin out Max and Relaxin All Cool- after pedicures, I think I might just check out the kava bar down south.

6. Tarot Card Reading- I'm not sure if this will quite happen on my actual birthday (plus Sister Tarot Temperance will be out of town), but I will make sure to get a reading sometime very soon soon.

7. Two steppin!- like a Texan, at the Continental Club on Sunday night (after the Superbowl)

8. Starting my 30th year with a BANG- some friends and I will be packin' heat at Ladies Night at Red's Indoor Range this coming Monday

9. Truly Dirty 30- Hip Hop Night at Nasty's! Sure, they may measure their shots out (tack-y!!)... and yeah, maybe the toilet has stopped up, like, every time I've been there, but there ain't no dance party like a Nasty's dance party!
10. Getting a tattoo- I still need to have the awesome Zach Taylor to design it, but I will be getting a train in honor of my dad sometime this month.

11. Making Cheese- I've been meaning to do this forever!  I think I just might host a little cheese-making workshop at my place.

12. Eating at New Places- Still haven't been to Sway Thai.  Since they don't take reservations, Valentine's Day might be a leetle crazy, so I think we'll go on the 15th...

13.  Salsa Dancing at Copa- What better excuse to drag Carson salsa dancing with me than Valentine's Day post-dinner??  (plus we didn't take lessons for nothin!)

14. Doing something new and random...just for the heck of it- I'm going to be an extra in a Tom Hanks-directed movie on February 9th!  (Parkland, about the assassination of JFK.. I get to dress as a nurse from the 1960s!)

15. Sweatin' it out in a sweat lodge- there's a sweat lodge in town I've been wanting to go to, and I simply must make it there in my birthmonth!  

16. New Yoga Discoveries- Just recently discovered how great Dharma Yoga is... and still have not been to Wanderlust Live!  I really want to go when they have live music, though it doesn't seem to happen all as frequently as I'd hoped.  I will make it there for sure this month though!

17. Sneaking into a Hot Tub- It's been way too long since I've done this.  Suggestions welcome!

18. Smokin' a Hookah- I love hookah!  And there are several lounges in town I haven't been to.

19. Sushi & Karaoke- Yes, technically these both deserve their own entry... but I actually want to do both simultaneously-- at DK Sushi!! (where I still-- somehow-- have not made it to their karaoke night!! How?? I don't. know.)

20. Grown Folks Roll- I just went last month but I really want to try to make it to every third Saturday BYOB adult skate night at MYEC.  It is really my new favorite thing to look forward to.

21. Pinballz- Still haven't been here! And what better way to stay forever young than to throw away a bunch of quarters playing games??

22. Roller Derby- I love the roller derby.  And there's a bout on the 17th that's calling my name.

23. Oysters- lots of them.  In my mouth.

24. Having a Pic-a-nic- I love picnics.  And we all know it's going to be consistently in the 80s by the end of the month.

25. Going to Sherwood Forest Faire- not that this is really one of my "favorite things" typically.. I went to a Renaissance Faire just once, in college.  But I recently remembered it existed and I realllly want to go to the Texas version!  Come on, you know you want to... 

26. Laughing- Chelsea Peretti will be performing at Cap City Comedy Club Feb 13-16.  Need I say more?

27. Driving to the Outer Limits of Austin to Find Delicious Ethnic Food- you should see my list.

28. Top Chef Finale- I'm not sure exactly when it will be (mid-late Feb?) but I think my TC companions and I might just need to have a little friendly Top Chef competition of our own...

29. Road Trip Adventure- I love a road trip, no matter how small! And I'm going to Dallas with a couple of my closest gal pals at the end of the month!

30. Korean Spa- The reason for our journey circles around a pilgrimage to King Spa!  (I'm sure we'll fit in at least one museum and several delicious meals, of course)