healing needles, wheels on fire

I recently started receiving acupuncture treatments from the Neighborhood Acupuncture Project, a sliding scale clinic on 38th and Airport.  I went in for some terrible neck and shoulder pain I've been experiencing (most likely from poor posture in front of the computer, I tell you!)  After only two treatments, I've noticed a difference... and I also started taking some Chinese herbs which have been doing wonders for the cedar fever that always strikes in February.

After 45 minutes of relaxing with needles sticking out of me, I felt a calling for tacos.  Not merely because it was Sunday, but also because I've been meaning to check out some new places in preparation for a post on eastside tacos which I'll be doing for the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance just in time for sxsw.

barbacoa de chivo, huevos con chorizo

I headed to the first on my list-- La Fruta Feliz, just east of Airport on Manor.  I'm sure I've passed the unassuming storefront many times, as it's tucked into a little strip of stores.  Inside, Tejano music blared rather loudly and the place slowly filled up with families while I awaited my tacos.  I ordered a barbacoa de chivo (goat) and an egg with chorizo.  The goat was juicy and tender-- braised for many hours I'm sure-- and the corn tortilla I ordered it on was light and fresh.  The chorizo they used was rather chunky and not at all as greasy as some can be.  I ordered a mango licuado (which, apparently, is more of a smoothie than a juice!) which was super tasty and refreshing-- and only $3!  I will definitely be back to try more...but for now I highly recommend the goat!

Hustle Puff: she looks sweet but she's brutal

After some much-needed Sunday afternoon house organization, Carson and I went out to the Lonestar Rollergirls' season opening bout-- the Putas del Fuego versus the Hellcats!  At the start of the bout, I decided to root for the Hellcats because I needed to pick a side and-- well, because they're cats... (though I do think their outfits should be more catlike... maybe some ears on top of their helmets?  Or whiskers??)  So, naturally, C decided to cheer on the Putas...

just a good ol' fashioned pillow fight to settle things

It was a realllly close game but the Hellcats ended up winning by just one point (C is convinced the whole thing is set up and just a big show.  I say it's totally legit).  I love the roller derby!  Unfortunately, not much to report back in the food department.  Last time I came to a bout, someone was rolling up fresh waffle cones and filling them with things like fried chicken and slaw.  This time-- nothing but Palmer Event Center concessions!  This was harsh reality considering how spoiled we Austinites are, with a world of edible choices at pretty much every event...