Bryan Caswell's Houston

photo courtesy of Eatocracy

I was pretty thrilled to receive my first assignment from Food & Wine.  And while it's just a wee little piece (and appeared digitally), I hope it's one of many more to come!  (My dreamgoal is to one day have my name on full-color spreads in F&W, Bon Appetit, and Saveur... a girl's gotta reach for the stars, right??)

I had just visited Reef this past summer for the first time and not only is the space itself a site to behold, but the seafood dishes are some of the best I've had in Texas.  For this article, I interviewed chef/owner (and past Iron Chef contestant) Bryan Caswell on his top picks for Houston.  After all, he travelled the world cooking before returning to his hometown... and couldn't be happier to be there.  Read the full article here!