guinness braised roast & brown butter creamed cabbage

I love sxsw.  I really do.  But, by the time the whole thing ends, I just feel completely war-torn... and I know many others will agree.  It's just so hard to pass up all the fun stuff that goes on, I end up overdoing it and needing mucho R&R...

Except this year the Sunday after sxsw also happened to be St. Patrick's Day..... sheesh.....

First, I had to stop by Shangri-La's annual local-only party, where the beer is free for those with Texas IDs, massages are offered, soothing ocean music plays in the background (noooooo more live music thankyouverymuch!), and they give out sassy T-shirts with that year's winning design.  (Last year's was "Wish you weren't here")

Dustin was serious about relaxing and showed up in a bathrobe

After catching up with some fellow locals on sxsw stories and recaps over some free Boulevard Wheat, I headed home to cook up a homemade meal: the first I'd had in what felt like two weeks!  I couldn't....wait!

I love Juliette's adorable straw hat!

Unfortunately, the original intention had been to corn some beef-- every year I try and every year sxsw gets the best of me!  Though I had purchased a sizable cut of brisket, I hadn't gotten things like juniper berries and saltpeter for curing (or just curing salt)... so I bit the bullet and decided to do a pretty simple Guinness-braised roast.  

I seasoned the beef with sea salt and cracked pepper, then placed it atop half a chopped onion, minced garlic, and freshly torn rosemary.  A little butter on top and then into the oven!  I started it at 350 degrees to give it some color before pouring some Guiness overtop and lowering the heat.  We also cut the beef in slices in an attempt to decrease the cook time, but still found ourselves salivating as the house filled with an incredible smell and the clock tick-tocked...

Onto the creamed cabbage... not sure why I have never made this before!!  Not only because I am Irish, but also because it's such an incredibly easy way to use up cabbage.  I always have leftover cabbage, especially if I get it for slaw purposes.  I decided to brown some butter before I tossed in the chopped cabbage, seasoning it with salt and pepper as it wilted.

Once it was soft throughout, I added some sour cream.  Some recipes call for that.. others for heavy cream... but honestly it's easy and delicious no matter what you use!  Meanwhile, Juliette was cooking up the cheesiest potatoes gratin (which ended up being my favorite dish.. but how can you go wrong with cream, cheese, and potatoes-- really??)

And for a quick, easy St. Patty's Day dessert: a mint green cone paired with Guinness!  Luck 'o the Irish to ya!