post- Bake Sale garden prep

Just a belated little post about a very enjoyable Saturday I experienced a couple weeks ago.  It began with Jodi Elliot's Bake Sale at Foreign & Domestic, as most destined-to-be-awesome mornings do.  I will be writing an article on her soon, so I won't say too much more besides the woman knows her pastry (and was actually just recently named The People's Best New Pastry Chef by Food & Wine

Going to the Bake Sale is pretty dangerous actually because, once you're in (which usually involves standing in line, even if you arrive early), you lose all common sense and just start pointing to things.  One of those.. yes, one of those too.. oooh, that looks good... and then you try to pretend you aren't going to finish off the whole box of goods by the end of the day.  (This is normal, yes?)

But today I had an excuse: I had sustain myself for a dayful of gardening, first at work and then at home!

sweet Chef, happy kids!

I took Chef with me to work, partly out of necessity (he was due for his annual shots and the vet is right near my job) and partly because I knew the kids would love him.. which they did :)  I was little worried they might be completely focused on him and not at all on gardening, but quite the contrary!  They got really into readying the garden, the boys were thrilled to handle shovels, the younger kids were obsessed with the caterpillars...all in all, a very fun and fulfilling experience with them!  Sometimes I get really sucked into all my "behind the scenes" work so it's really nice to spend a day in the sun with the kids who are the reason for all the planning I do...

surprise daikons!

After a stop at the vet for annual doggie-shots, we headed home so I could ready my own green space for planting.  The slowly decrescendoing sun was drenching our yard in golden light and Buck Owens made for the perfect gardening soundtrack.  In times like these, I love living in Texas!  

I dug up these daikon radishes I'd totally forgotten about!  I marveled at the Swiss chard which was looking just as beautiful as ever, the serranos, parsley, thyme, oregano and beets which still going strong.. and then I planted some heirloom tomato transplants, cucumbers, yellow neck squash, basil (sweet and purple), red and yellow bell peppers, lavendar, dill, and eggplant (Black Beauty and Japanese)...

it doesn't look like much just yet, but I have a really good feeling about this one!

Then, totally filthy and happily exhausted, I washed my hands and sat at our picnic table to enjoy an old school sandwich in the sun, admiring my work and knowing that my garden gets better with each changing season's metamorphosis.  I'll keep ya updated.. :)