salt & time: two perfect ingredients

Salt & Time, the butcher shop and salumeria with quiet farmers market roots, is now offering Sunday brunch, lunch and limited happy hour menus at their relatively new location on East 7th Street.  I was lucky enough to indulge in their very first brunch, and I can't wait to return for more... feast your eyes on this:

michelada w/ coffee lomo

I've had my fair share of micheladas around town, but never one with a meat garnish!  Salt & Time salts a glass, delicately spices draught Pearl Snap and tops it with a thin slice of buttery, cured pork loin and a pickled pepper.  

fried chicken Sunday!

Each Sunday, S&T has a very limited amount of picnic (read: room temp) fried chicken for sale at $12/pound.  Gotten directly from local farmers, I'm fairly certain this is the freshest fried chicken in town.  I thought the crust had just the right amount of pepper and give, and the meat was juicy and flavorful.  I'll certainly be back for more!

insane meat board

I wish I could name everything on this meat board, but I can assure you it was all delicious: salami, bologna, lomo, coppa...just trust me and order the meat board when you go.  It will be slightly different each time anyway, depending on what charcuterie is fresh and ready that day..

corned beef hash

Since it was St. Patrick's Day, I had no choice but to get the corned beef hash.  It arrived sizzling in a cast iron skillet (love that presentation), with big, juicy chunks of corned beef nestled between perfectly seasoned potatoes and a tasteful amount of melted cheese.  I hope they bring this back on their menu from time to time!

toast with Confituras jam

We couldn't resist the toast a jam for $3.00.  Confituras jam is simply the best.

carnitas, salsa verde, masa, creme fraiche

I'd have to say the carnitas with masa, salsa verde, and creme fraiche was the winning dish of our visit. All the flavors went together so perfectly-- even the nuance of frisee they included was such a purposeful finishing touch!  I know Salt & Time isn't trying to become a full service restaurant, but this dish alone made me wish they were...

prosecco and Confituras jam

And then for the sweetest ending: prosecco and a dollop of Confituras strawberry vanilla jam, which set off countless sparklers of carbonation for the entirety of the drink.  Now I definitely need to buy a jar of this heavenly jam...