call it cow to cone artistry

thank goodness for help from taste-testers...looks like we could've used about 4 more!

I recently got to do some incredibly delicious research at what is now my favorite ice cream spot in Austin-- Cow Tipping Creamery!  Using the highest quality ingredients, Corey and Tim Sorenson serve artisanal softserve out of their bright turquoise 1978 Chevy emergency response vehicle... and top it with exclusively handmade treats like champagne marshmallows, Frito toffee bark, blood orange olive oil....oh, just click on the link and read my whole Serious Eats article, why don't you!  (and scroll down here for some bonus photos not included in the article..)

nothing better than a caramelized banana milkshake!

Indonesian vanilla, Dr. Pepper cherry syrup, hand-toasted marshmallows

zoom in and take a peek at this menu