post-wedding camping & a pieous return

beautiful AND delicious: perfection

Carson's dad Skip and Terri, his lovely fiance, got married out in Boerne this past weekend.  We entertained the thought of making a trip to San Antonio while we were so close to it, but instead Carson, Willi, Juliette, and I decided  to camp! 

the elated couple! so cute!

Before the wedding, we set up camp at Bergheim Campgrounds.. also in Boerne, but it turned out to be a good ways from the wedding, which took place in their friends' backyard.  

family photo time

As the night went on, it seemed almost humorous that our campsite was set up miles away, awaiting our return.

every good wedding needs a conga line!

But sure enough, we returned to the site in enough time to toast to the newlyweds' happy future with some fake Cristal around the campfire before calling it a night.  

campfire burritos

The next day, I awoke to Willi and Carson, wide awake and grilling breakfast burritos, with a pretty fancy camping coffee setup too...

Bailey's, coffee, and a homemade PBR-mug

early risers up and at 'em...

...while the girls slept in

contemplating water

We walked down to the Guadalupe and considered getting in, but the water was pretty chilly!  The day was so beautiful otherwise, but I knew a wet, cold car ride was ahead of me if I decided to make the plunge...

I could tell you about the river...or we could just get in

But I did wade in for a little while, do my part to add to these rock sculptures, and watch generations of teeny frogs spring in the shallowest areas.  Then we spent some time relaxing in the sun and chatted for a while with a new fisherman friend before leaving our little oasis in Boerne... 

housemade mozzarella

We stopped at Pieous as soon as we crossed back into town, starving and sun-spent.  This new spot opened up just recently and specializes in super-thin, Neopolitan sourdough crust pies... They also make their own mozzarella, bread, pastrami, and baked goods.. like sweet pies and cookies the size of your head.

I will definitely be back soon...and next time their bacon marmalade will be on the agenda!