say la V, eastside!

corned beef tongue, marinated for 30 days and 
served on pretzel bun with whole grain mustard & slaw!

I recently attended the opening of a new food truck called Say La V.  Located behind Hotel Vegas, this food truck is different than the many others in town because it is actually the prelude to a brick and mortar, La V, set to open on East 7th (just north of the truck) in September.  As someone who lives on the eastside, I am always stoked to hear about new openings close to home!  So, despite the very uncharacteristically wintry weather that blew in, I headed out to the not-to-be-missed opening... 

My favorite item-- one I will return for time and time again-- is the corned beef tongue pictured above.  It is marinated for 30 days (!) before it joins whole grain mustard and slaw on a perfect pretzel bun. 

this chalkboard menu will likely change very often, if not daily!

tarragon pickled eggs went down quite easily!

The trailer is (and the restaurant will be) French Mediterranean, with a focus on small plates using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.  Texas-born Chef Allison Jenkins used to cook in Aspen before teaming up with charming French advanced sommellier Vilma Mazaite, who plans to bring the Wine in Heels program to east Austin as well.  Not only do I think our town needs more French and Mediterranean food, but I love the concept of bringing non-pretentious wine events to a food trailer.  I really look forward to seeing what other tasty dishes Allison dishes out and what wine knowledge Vilma will share with us!

Mill-King fromage blanc with Poteet strawberries,
mint and honey

(It felt so strange to be enjoying such sweet, ripe Poteet strawberries while shivering every time the wind blew... Texas weather, why are you so weird??)

"BLT": pork belly, arugula, tomato jam

grilled watermelon salad with tomato, feta, & basil

hot sweet potato donut holes

Hot sweet potato donut holes served in a brown paper bag were seriously the best ending I could ask for.  Not to mention-- I don't think there's another donut around for at least a 5 mile radius!  I forecast this being a real popular item on her menu...

I also don't think the garage band fans who frequent Hotel Vegas have any idea what they are in for...!