the official cocktail of summer 2013 (and some poolside pooches)

all tiki'ed out!

I recently saw Hey Bartender, a film on craft cocktail culture, at Stateside at the Paramount Theatre. I thought they did a great job at juxtaposing two entirely different bartenders-- one, the humble owner of a busy suburban pub, and the other an injured Marine striving to work his way up to lead bartender at world-renowned Employees Only. I highly recommend you see it if you have any interest in the world of cocktails!

Several local bartenders, including Midnight Cowboy's Brian Dressel above, were mixing up Three Dots and a Dash (a classic tiki blend of rum, Velvet Falernum, orange juice, lime honey, and angostura bitters) in the lobby of the theatre (which led to a black pepper sake martini at Silhouette, and a fig Manhattan at Peche, and some live jazz at The Elephant Room...)

The next day, Marybeth and I had a doggie swim date, which obviously called for poolside cocktails. While nowhere near as complex as the creations I'd imbibed the night before, I had a vision for a really simple and refreshing summer drink..

I'd been infusing vodka with chunks of pineapple, and it went perfectly with La Croix coconut soda over ice, with a twist of lime! Summer drink of 2013? I think so...!

Ok, real talk: this whole post was really just an excuse for me to post ^^^ that photo.  I mean, look at them!!!