third coast getaway

coral for miles at Shell World in Aransas Pass!

A group of girlfriends and I recently took our annual girls-only beach trip to Port Aransas! Here's a little visual recap....

knives and jerky: welcome to Texas

We went through Aransas Pass and accidentally took the "ferry way" to the island (which made for a long wait) but it was totally worth it because we discovered a roadside gem called Shell World, home to piles and buckets and tablefuls of sea treasures (and a very entertaining owner!) I took home the brown cluster coral you see above, which is from Cebu City, Phillippines. 

two vintage gals in matching suits and hats (unintentional, I swear!)

my beach reading: I think I have a problem

After lounging at the beach on Saturday, we made grilled some massive head-on shrimp, mahi mahi, and veggies for dinner...

eyes on you

This year was a particularly special one. Not only was it Leah's birthday, but she is also leaving us soon to move to Mexico indefinitely..  :(

make a wish, dear traveler!

Saturday ended, as many Port A nights do, with a tour of its rollicking nightlife (you know, The Salty Dog and Bernie's of course!) 

On Sunday, we split our time between the beach and our pool (we stayed in Our Place again, our beloved house from last year!), took some hilarious quizzes, and got silly with Mad Libs. 

the fish and chips from Island Cafe was much better than I ever expected!

(Between six of us, we brought the entire spectrum of nail polish with us, by the way)

sparkle motion

Sunday night meant sparklers, Cards Against Humanity, pineapple-infused vodka, a lil latenight dance party, and LOTs of laughs.


Then came Monday, which is always a rude awakening. To ease the transition, I made a breakfast taco spread: eggs, potatoes, caramelized onions, avocado, wild boar sausage, Margarita's whole wheat tortillas (my fave!), and what was left of the scrumptious pecorino riserva Kara had brought (one of several cheeses we snacked on all weekend). 

After more beach and pool time, we grabbed one last meal on our way out of town-- at Kody's, a dark, divey bar with shockingly great food and mini golf. I'd been several years ago with Carson and have always wanted to return-- that place screams "Port A" to me, so it's a must-see if you find yourself in this little Texas beach town. And the garlic fish was so darn good the first time I went, I got the same thing ago!

Kody's garlic fish, paprika charred zucchini, and wild rice