chicken feet & rice krispie treats (and everything in between)

Tori does not approve of these feet

This post is quite belated, but I must share this bit of craziness from just another well fed weekend of mine... It all begin with chicken feet. Now, I know I'm not the only person to revel in this dim sum rite of passage, but I tried 'em. They were... good flavor-wise, but I was not expecting so many little bones! Pattoooeey!

It was nice to have David there who expertly ordered for us in Chinese at Shanghai Restaurant (which does not have a website but does have dim sum on Saturdays!) Previous dim sum experiences have mostly consisted of me shrugging and pointing to stuff that looks good. Except for that one time in Houston when the server smiled gently and told me the duck tongue was "good...but only for Chinese people. Not for you!" :)

Favorites this time around were definitely the leek dumplings (top right), radish cakes (middle), congee (bottom right), whatever heavenly-tofu-lookalike-that-tasted-like-coconut-haupia-was (bottom left), and the fried shrimp and sauteed veggies (top left).

After digesting and running some errands throughout the day, the sun set and I got dressed for an event I'd been looking forward to all week.. a joint birthday party for Mary and Ali, the two lovely ladies behind Strangefruit PR! Mary's husband Wes is the Johnny Appleseed behind Argus Cidery, so that is just where a van took us to commence celebrations!

While I'll spare you alll the party pics, let's skip straight to the facts: there were cocktails on tap. 

There was a pork bun bar: yes, you read that right. A pork bun bar. With freshly grilled pork, kimchi, hot red pepper sauces, herbs out the wazoo..A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one!

There was a castle made of Rice Krispie treats. We lit it on fire and sang! 

It was a late night. A pretttty late night. And then I woke in the morning because Carson's side of the family was coming over for breakfast-- we had quite the Dickey Family reunion going on!

Carson whipped up a breakfast buffet of French toast, eggs, bacon, Canadian bacon, biscuits, tortillas... I really can't take credit for much, besides a pretty delicious fruit salad (pineapple, mango, strawberries, dragonfruit, lychee, local honey, lime). And Aunt Gert brought kolaches from Czech Stop because she really knows how to win our hearts!

Ohhh but that's not all (Because why would I allow myself a moment to take a breath in between events?) I'd signed up for the Slow Food Austin Grivia Trivia event several weeks ago, and I certainly wasn't going to miss that... sleep or no sleep.

I was on one of two Austin Food Bloggers Alliance teams (not the one that won... but they must've just swapped out our answer cards accidentally!) :) Besides the trivia itself, there was a whole lot else going on- a whole room full of sweet raffle prizes they gave away sporadically through the event, another area of vendors giving out samples... and during the halfway mark, Bryan from Salt & Time butchered this hog on stage and auctioned off the cuts! (Yes, that guy in the middle is actually an auctioneer). Just when you think you've seen it all...

And a party isn't a party in Austin unless there's a photo booth!

And some culinary props for us food bloggers to geek out with :)