what to eat in the hot, hot heat

the eponymous Sweet Caroline: strawberry, coconut, and cream

I really don't think anyone could fully realize the meaning of "the dog days of summer" until they live in Texas. And we are just about entering them. Right around this time, every year, reality hits and I come to the understanding that our summer season has really just begun. We still have the rest of July, August, and September to sweat it out.

So it's appropriate that I just rounded up 10 foods to eat in the brutal heat for this Statesman feature in Friday's Austin 360. You now have to subscribe digitally to read the full article, but how else are you going to learn where to find the best tsukemen, halo halo, falooda, cold fried chicken, rice balls, bubble tea, fruit cups, sno cones, and spring rolls in town??

halo halo from Filipino Asian Mart