citrus sunlight and vintage teacups: Kelly Rucker Photography

Carson's grandma's vintage teacup

Headshots. I've been needing some for a while (for contributor bios and whatnot) and just kept putting it off. But I finally just took the plunge and had a photo session with the wonderful and talented Kelly Rucker out at Argus Cidery's tasting room, against the backdrop of owner Wes Mickel's impressive vintage designwork. 

I love taking photos, but me on the other side of the camera and I get all weird. Don't get me wrong-- I'm game for any photobooth! But headshots and portraits? All of a sudden I feel self conscious and forget how to smile normally. Luckily, Kelly is not only great at making people look awesome, but at putting her subjects at ease as well! Scroll down for some of my favorites, plus a Q&A with Kelly..

oh hello there! You just caught me drinking tea 
bright and early on a Saturday morning!

great burst of color from lemons and limes

How long have you been taking photos? And how did you get started? My dad bought me my first camera when I was 14 years old. Little did I know that special gift would inspire me to pursue photography beyond just a hobby. I was in photojournalism all throughout high school, shot with film and developed in a dark room. Later I switched to digital and started assisting another professional photographer until I was ready to go out on my own! I feel pretty lucky to have turned my passion into a career. I truly love it!

oh hi, just making some lemonade too- nbd!

Are food and wedding photos your main area of focus? I have two sides to my business. Weddings: this includes engagements, bridals, day of and boudoir. Editorial+Commercial: this includes food + product photography, on-location styling and publication photography. Although most of my work relates to weddings, food and editorial, my passion is definitely in travel photography. I am always so grateful to see new places and capture other cultures with my camera. I am inspired by the people and the places that make this world so unique!

I love a good victrola!

Where are some of your favorite places to take photos? I love nature and natural light, so anywhere at sun set with the light spilling through the trees. It's a gorgeous combination!
Have you been on any trips where you just couldn't take enough photos? Truth be known, it doesn't matter the destination, I always have my camera in hand when I travel and end up taking thousands of photos. I love it! My most recent trip was to Las Vegas. 

what can I getcha?

Do you travel a lot for photography purposes? I am originally from Dallas and still do lots of work there. Last year I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans and New York for work. 
Any upcoming or dream photography trips planned? I would love to travel to Switzerland and Greece- oh, the photos I could take in those dream:)

the only thing better than apples is cider

shots from Kelly's recent Vegas trip

another side of Vegas

and she's photogenic!

For more examples of Kelly's vibrant photography (love her use of light and color!), check out her website! And if you haven't been to Argus Cidery's tasting room yet, what exactly are you waiting for? Each Saturday, they offer tastings by reservation (including tastes of their still ciders, which don't get bottled) as well as a forever-fluctuating picnic menu I can't wait to try...