Eden East: from plow to plate

I recently had the privilege of hanging out on Springdale Farm and picking local Chef Sonya Cote's brain while she prepped and plated the farm-freshest dishes I'd seen in a long time. That's because Cote's newest restaurant, Eden East, is situated directly on the fields where she harvests her ingredients. I was so inspired I wrote two different articles about it.. Click here to read the CultureMap piece and here to read the Forbes Travel Guide piece. And scroll down to see more photos!

Cote with a plate of her housemade summer sausage, mustard, cornichons, and cheddar

melon carpaccio with purslane, basil, shaved red onion, smoked salt, and olive oil

chicken happy hour

the 1920's farmhouse on site at the farm becomes a border for the "living" dining room

the rustic communal seating is brightened with turquoise mason jars

tonight's drink was a Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka, peach jam, lemonade, and spearmint simple syrup

Gulf grouper, Asian long beans, bacon, okra, charred corn, purple potatoes

Paula and Glen Foore of Springdale Farm