my juicy secret: aromatherapy

Sometimes I get a little too well-fed...and then it's time for a cleanse! In my opinion, nothing is better for a fresh, rejuvenating start and a reawakening of the palette than fasting or cleansing. (And, honestly, I don't do "diets." I'm more all-or-nothing... it's easier for me to eat no food at all than to only eat certain things. I know, strange but true...)

I've done the Master Cleanse three times in my life (never again...I think I had more will power when I was younger!), and I've done the Clean Program twice, and I tried the 21 Day Sugar Detox (but for more like two weeks!). Somehow, though, I've never done a juice cleanse! I'd been hearing a lot about it around town-- both Matt Odam of the Statesman and Claudia Alarcon of the Chronicle have taken the challenge, and Juiceland seems to be promoting their cleanse program more and more heavily since they branched off from Daily Juice.

So I decided to go for it-- just for four days!-- and I'm already at the end of day two of the Juiceland Cleanse. Read on for all the juicy details...heh heh...

Juiceland offers several different options, but I decided to start with Level One, which is for "first time cleansers and active people." Sure, I'd cleansed before in other ways, but I didn't want to get ahead of myself...

Both Level 1 and 2 cleanses come with the same amount of juice, six 16 oz bottles, though the juice in Level 2 seems a bit lighter-- lots of watermelon and coconut. However, I only drank five of the 16 oz bottles yesterday and I am only on my third today! Perhaps I am ready to move on to Level 2 Cleansing after all! :)

And I must say, the cravings are not as bad as I remember them to be with the Master Cleanse. I think that is due to the variety you get with the four different juice blends (more on that later). With the MC, that taste of lemonade and maple syrup got so old... (and yet it was your sustenance nectar. It was all you had, so you couldn't hate it... I even remember sneaking a desperate spoonful of pure maple syrup here and there!)

So far, I've definitely gotten that buzzed energetic feeling you hear juicers describe. It was very much like a slight vibration throughout the body. I've also had a very slight dull headache, which I'm sure is from the detox process. This is the same headache I've gotten when eliminating sugar from the diet or doing any sort of fast. I'm tempted to take an ibuprofen but I'm abstaining...

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Speaking of abstaining, I recently received a spa treatment at Travaasa, and afterward I discovered this aromatherapy line in their store called 21 Drops. Apparently, when applied to pressure points, they seep into your bloodstream and take effect within 8 seconds! I sniff-tested each of the 21 scents and knew the one I had to get was Abstain. Made from cardamom seed, grapefruit rind, and juniper oils, I've been rolling this baby on my wrists and temples whenever I crave crunch (because really, when I do have a craving, it's the sensation of crunching!)

I really think it's working.. whether through mind or body... :)