the brightest ideas in town

I'm going to totally date myself here, but it's hard to believe that, as we enter 2014, I have been freelancing for 9 whole years! Since my very first wee little post-college article in RVA magazine to the practically-free work I did for Eat & Drink Austin (hey, I'm not complaining! I was able to beef up my portfolio by writing regularly for them!) to the excitement of my first assignments for the Food section of the Austin360The Today Show, and then the gig I picked up with Forbes Travel Guide this past spring... it's been a long, fun journey! 

photo by John Shapley

I look forward to steadily climbing the freelancing chain in this next year and beyond! I've also wanted to get back into writing about some other topics besides *just* food, which you may have seen in my work for Citygram. So I was really excited when the editor of Austin Monthly asked me to step outside my comfort zone to write an article on Austin technology featuring some of the best inventions and innovators in town right now (though some are food related!) 

Click here to read the full article, but I would definitely recommend grabbing an issue from the newsstands while you can, because the illustrations that accompany the print version are awesome (and not viewable online!)