I'm just as happy discovering the perfect roadside diner in New Mexico as I am at a wine-paired feast in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen. Food excites me, and it has since I first cracked open my mom's bright orange, five ring Betty Crocker cookbook years ago. The culture behind it, the producers who create it, the artists who reinvent it— these are the stories I love to tell. 




From the festive cider houses of the Basque Country and the central Texas vineyards committed to growing the Hill Country’s best grapes to Montreal’s spirited speakeasies and Melbourne's competitive coffee roasting culture, I'm always seeking the next best liquid traditions and trends, and the talented people who source, produce and stir up what we're drinking.




Find me snorkeling in Tulum, two stepping in Texas, pintxo bar-hopping in San Sebastián, scuba diving in Greece, tasting my way through Istanbul's Spice Market, cycling past quokkas in Australia, kayaking off the coast of Seattle and soaking in the bathhouses of Budapest. Of course, my bucket list of destinations far exceeds the places I've been, but shouldn't that always be the case?